So this is where I tell you stuff about myself or, as I call it, boring people shitless so don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Where to start. Well, I’m 25 years old, 6 feet tall with thick wavy hair and a washboard stomach.No? Ok, I’m a 55 year old chubby short-arse with a penchant for reading and a 40 year old ambition to publish his own novel.

Workwise, I’m a Finance Reporting Analyst for a hotel chain but I’ve worn many different hats over many years from a McDonalds crewmember to professional photographer and a lot in between.

I have a wonderful wife that I’ve been married to for 29 years. we have 2 cats. Loki, a 2 year old tuxedo and Jake, an 8 year old tabby.

All that said, when I was struggling to write this bio, a good friend told me these things were best written by someone else so I told her she was hired and she came up with:

“My name is Marc, I like cats, food and coffee. I’ll spend hours telling you all about them”

Pretty accurate I’d say