Yes, there have been changes. New look, new title, even a new url. Words Apart, journey of a wannabe writer @ It’s been a few weeks since my last post so I should have lots to say but we’re still in, albeit a slightly eased, lockdown so don’t expect to be regaled with tales […]

90,000 Words

This, depending on your sources, is the average length of a novel. 2,000 is apparently the number of words written per day by Stephen King. Yesterday, I wrote 3,000 words. That, by definition makes me a better novelist than Stephen King, does it not? No? What do you mean, No? Oh, quality over quantity I […]

40 years in the making

Well, 40 years in the thinking about it is closer to the truth. So they say that everyone has at least one novel in them and I thought it was time I finally kicked mine out into the world. I suppose I’ll actually have to write it first and I’ve even made a start. So […]